Love, Friendship & The healing Power of Mantra – Interview with Deva Premal & Miten

Love, Friendship & The healing Power of Mantra – Interview with Deva Premal & Miten

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159: In this podcast, Wanda is having Deva Premal and Miten as
guests in her podcast. The field of spiritual music cannot be
imagined without them. Through their concerts, satsangs and
gatherings, they touch millions of hearts with their healing music
and mantras. Follow along this honest, warm and beautiful
conversation of Wanda with these two pure souls. Find out, how they
met in Osho’s ashram, what role connections play in their lives,
how their relationship is still blossoming after 33 years, what
Mantra means to them and what it can do to people when chanting and
singing the old Sanskrit’s wisdom. Find here an overview of the
topics: - Osho as a guru and how he opens doors to connect to the
divine - Wisdom about their long-lasting relationship (support each
other’s spiritual journey, make your partner your friend) - The
magic of Mantra and how it can be seen as a supplement, a frequency
resonating within us, a shortcut to meditation - Connection as the
healing power of Mantra - Mantra as a tool for stress relief About
Deva Premal and Miten: Both met in the early 90s in India in an
ashram of the spiritual master Osho. After leaving a very
successful, but not fulfilling career as a musician in England,
Miten found his way back to himself through the humble and simple
life in the ashram. Living there for some years, Miten found his
service to the Osho community as a musician. Deva, from Germany,
left to India with only 17 years in India where she was studying
reflexology, shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapy. She comes from a
very musical family, influenced and guided by Eastern and Zen
philosophy. Her mum brought Osho’s teachings into the house - and
that is why Deva felt the call to Iive in his ashram. Deva and
Miten became partners, and she contributed first as backup and
support during the musical gatherings until she had a re-encounter
with the Gayatri-Mantra - which was already sung to her by her dad
as a child. Deva found her voice again and immersed into the world
of Mantras, with Miten on her side. Both started touring worldwide
with the Osho community, contributing through music - until they
recorded their first album “The essence” in 1998. This record
became an unexpected success at that time and was the beginning of
the continuous story of Deva Premal and Miten. LINKS: WEBSITE: UPCOMING TOUR DATES: SELBSTHEILUNGSSTUDIE: CDs:
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