#108 Millerntor Gallery – art & responsibility

#108 Millerntor Gallery – art & responsibility

#108 Millerntor Gallery – art & responsibility
57 Minuten
Der Nachhaltigkeitspodcast über Umwelt und soziale Gerechtigkeit


vor 1 Monat

On July 15th 2023, we went to the Millerntor Gallery of Viva Con
Agua in Hamburg to record this live podcast in a packed house.
With us was Micha Fritz, founder, activist of Viva Con Agua, who
globally provide clean drinking water and sanitation and have
reached 3.8 million people already.  Pheline Roggan, actress
and activist at Changemakers.film. Who's advocating for a greener
film industry. She initiated the voluntary obligation for actors
and actresses. And Mari Pavanelli, an artist from Brazil. Mari's
art is displayed globally, aiming to spread courage and love. In
this episode, we discuss the power of art to make good things
happen. How much responsibility art has in social change. The
impact art can have and why all three of them are passionate
about a sustainable future and want to make changes. We also
highlight individual projects and get a few words from Mari about
it. Her hopes for the politics of her home country, Brazil,
especially concerning deforestation.


Website MTG: https://www.millerntorgallery.org/
VCA: https://www.vivaconagua.org/
Changemakers.Film: https://changemakers.film/
Pavanelli: https://www.instagram.com/maripavanelli/

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