4. Taking Space: Sander & Fadescha

4. Taking Space: Sander & Fadescha

54 Minuten
The Podcast about queer Club Culture in Berlin


vor 4 Monaten

The month of July is the official pride month in Berlin.
Especially at that time we see an increased visibility of queer
topics and also queer club culture is more present in the city.
But which queer lived experiences are really being negotiated in
the end? The 4th Episode of ‘The Fluidity of Resistance' deals
with taking up Space: Queer Visibility, Performativity and
Representation in Berlin Club Culture. Host neo meets Sander, a
transdisciplinary artist, clubworker and DJ and Fadescha, an
artist-curator and founder of the trans-feminist social space
Party Office. Together they discuss who is visible in queer club
culture and who is not and why? Why do we never talk about class?
Does queerness become an exploitable trend? How much does "queer
aesthetic" become the norm in club culture and who is in the end
profiting from it? Fadescha will give us insights from their
cis-white-male-exclusive door policies at Party Office at
documenta in Kassel and Sander explains why queer and trans
visibility is not enough to change heteronormative and capitalist

Podcast produced by ( ) s-p-a-c-e

Hosted by neo seefried

Research and editing by neo seefried and xan egger

Track 'The Hustle' courtesy of Nene H

Audio edit by Gilles Yann Smrkovsky

Design by xan egger

Design edit by wro wrzesinka

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