Voices for Europe: Hanco Jürgens from the Netherlands (09.05.2023)

Voices for Europe: Hanco Jürgens from the Netherlands (09.05.2023)

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This series of podcast-interviews gives researchers from all over
Europe a voice. We exchange views from different countries, talk
about background specifics, and try to give an honest assessment
of the state of the EU.

In this episode Hanco Jürgens from Amsterdam explains the
political system in the Netherlands, its political culture, and
the tole the EU plays in Dutch politics. We also talk about the
impact of the Russian war against Ukraine on Dutch politics and
the German-Dutch relations.

Hanco Jürgens is a senior researcher at the
Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam, the Germany Institute at the
University of Amsterdam, and a fellow at the Montesquieu
Institute in The Hague. He specializes in modern European history
in a global context. He published on a wide variety of topics,
such as the reports of German missionaries in India in the
Eighteenth Century, on India and the Enlightenment, German -
Dutch relations after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and German and
Dutch EU policy. Currently, he is focusing on recent German
history since the 1980s. He is particularly interested in the
changes of key concepts in Germany such as the social market
economy, civil society, civilian power, constitutional democracy,
the GDR, the European Union or the Holocaust. In recent years, he
published a book on the Netherlands since the Fall of the Wall
and coedited a book on Germany within the European Union. As a
Dutch expert on German history, he is a regular guest on Dutch
radio and television and publishes op-eds in the Dutch quality
newspaper NRC Handelsblad, among others about the
Zeitenwende in the Netherlands and Germany.  


The BBC journalist Hanco Jürgens mentions at the end is Anna
Holligan. Here homepage can be found here:

The two books Hanco Jürgens mentioned are:

“Joe Speedboat” by the author Tommy Wieringa.
The English translation by Sam Garrett can be found here:

“A Concise History of the Netherlands” by James C.

Felix Heidenreich (IZKT)

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