Meichenbaum & Lilienfeld (2018) | Hypes

Meichenbaum & Lilienfeld (2018) | Hypes

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Thema: Hypes Um diese Studie geht es in der Folge: Meichenbaum, D.,
& Lilienfeld, S. O. (2018). How to spot hype in the field of
psychotherapy: A 19-item checklist. Professional Psychology:
Research and Practice, 49(1), 22-30 Diese Studien werden erwähnt:
Nissen-Lie, H. A., Monsen, J. T., Ulleberg, P., & Rønnestad, M.
H. (2013). Psychotherapists’ self-reports of their interpersonal
functioning and difficulties in practice as predictors of patient
outcome. Psychotherapy Research, 23, 86 –104 Farmer, R. L., McGill,
R. J., Lockwood, A. B., Dombrowski, S. C., Canivez, G. L., &
Zaheer, I. (2022). Warning signs for hype in school-based
assessment: Implications for training and pedagogy. School
Psychology: Training & Pedagogy, 39(1), 11-24. Wood, S. L.,
& Swait, J. (2002). Psychological indicators of innovation
adoption: Cross-classification based on need for cognition and need
for change. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 12(1), 1-13.

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