TSEP#136 Solarize Africa – Energy Transition in Africa

TSEP#136 Solarize Africa – Energy Transition in Africa

With Dr. Rethabile Melamu & Herbert Friese
39 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


vor 3 Monaten

Controversies are normal when it comes to the reality of the
African continent – also in terms of energy supply and security.
The continent has a vast solar potential, with several Saharan
countries belonging to those with the highest solar radiation
worldwide. At the same time, electrification in Africa is still
one of the core issues to be addressed within the millennium
development goals in Africa, especially in the rural areas. The
huge solar potential faces political, infrastructural, regulatory
and economical challenges that hinder a unrestrained deployment
of solar on the continent. Even more reason to look carefully on
the African solar market developments. So what is necessary for
an unrestrained deployment of solar on the continent?

We’ll have a look on the African solar market developments. With
Dr. Rethabile Melamu, CEO at SAPVIA & Herbert Friese, General
Manager of Dutch & Co.


2:54 Isn't it controversial to talk about the production of
green hydrogen in Africa for the EU market, when 64 percent
of the rural population in Africa still has no access to

5:31 How have the increased module prices of the last two and
a half years affected the African market?

10:33 What role do public-private partnerships (PPPs) play in
reforming energy systems in Africa?

16.08 We understand that public funding is still necessary to
widespread the deployment of solar in African countries. At
the same time this funding has led to distortion of market
prices in the past. How is an ideal balance to be achieved

33:28 How can solar PV contribute to the solution of pressing
developmental issues of the continent like water access or
crop farming?

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