Priceless Brand Sense (English) – Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard

Priceless Brand Sense (English) – Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard

Multisensory branding and the role of purpose in the future of marketing
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Best-of-Markenkraft #2 – Business Insider counts Raja Rajamannar
among the 20 most innovative CMOs in the world, in the Forbes
ranking he has a firm place among the top five of the world's most
influential CMOs and his recently published book "Quantum
Marketing" is already a worldwide bestseller. How a brand gains
power in our rapidly changing world through multisensory branding
is something Raja has impressively demonstrated with MasterCard.
Under his care, MasterCard grew into a superbrand. Within ten
years, the brand value tripled, revenues and profits doubled - and
the trend accelerates. With insights from psychology and behavioral
science, Raja recognized early on that the most important source of
growth is a strong brand whose meaning people experience with all
their senses. Thanks to Raja, MasterCard is now a prime example of
multisensory brand management. People can not only see the
"Priceless" promise, but also hear, smell, taste, and feel it. Raja
reveals to us how he systematically translates Mastercard's value
proposition and values in a sensory way, and the competitive
advantages that result.

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