TSEP#134 How Close Are We to V2G Becoming a Daily Reality?

TSEP#134 How Close Are We to V2G Becoming a Daily Reality?

With Dr. Stefan Perras & Thomas Gereke, Siemens
27 Minuten
Für und mit den Machern der neuen Energiewelt (For and With Creators of the New Energy World)


vor 4 Monaten

In theory, V2G plays a crucial role in the decentralized grid of
the future. It will provide grid flexibility in a powermix mainly
consisting of fluctuating renewables. Also it provides great
potential to have end-users participating in the market. However
we’ve been talking about it for years already. And we are still
waiting for it to materialize beyond specific pilot cases or
insular solutions. So where are we in 2023? How close are we to
V2G becoming a daily reality? Which regions are leading the way?
And which obstacles do we still have to overcome to realize its
full potential?

We find out in this episode with Dr. Stefan Perras & Thomas
Gereke of Siemens.


02:12 What’s the status quo of V2G in 2023 - are we finally
getting closer to the great potential materializing itself?

06:32 Which regions have the greatest potential & are
currently leading the way (tech/regulatory)?

10:01 What are the different approaches in Asia/EU/Americas?
(tech aspects, e.g. AC/DC, regulatory…)

22:05 About the Case Study City of Munich in 2030: What are
the most interesting outcomes?

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