Roboter in der Logistik #24: Das WAKU Update | Guest: Alfredo Pastor Tella from Movincar (EN)

Roboter in der Logistik #24: Das WAKU Update | Guest: Alfredo Pastor Tella from Movincar (EN)

moderiert von Victor
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vor 4 Monaten
One thing Victor and his guest today definitely share is their deep
passion for mobile robots (AGV & AMR). Alfredo is a true mobile
robotics enthusiast and has made it his mission to share his
knowledge with others. For this purpose, he founded the platform In this podcast episode, Victor and Alfredo
discuss: • why automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous
mobile robots (AMR) are not as different as some might think • why
the role of integrators will become even more important in the
future • why manifold business models for OEMs (Original Equipment
Manufacturers) exist • what is needed for the industry to go from
manufacturing to mass-market • why there is still much to do in
terms of mobile robot education and safety Sounds exciting? Give it
a listen! About our guest: Alfredo Pastor Tella is a mobile
robotics lover with a proven track record in leading the AGV/AMR
division in Movincar. Over the past 9 years, he has had the
privilege to help customers revolutionize their logistics flows by
automating processes and enhancing efficiency. He has found a
perfect blend of his passion for robotics and storytelling in AGV
Network, where he is responsible for creating engaging and
insightful content for the web's community. Alfredo is a firm
believer in the transformative power of robotics, and is thrilled
to be part of the journey. LinkedIn Profiles Victor Splittgerber: Alfredo
Pastor Tella: More
information about WAKU Robotics, the expert for mobile robots in
logistics and production, can be found at
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