#91: David Shillinglaw: Psychogeography

#91: David Shillinglaw: Psychogeography

English episode! Melvin talks with David Shillinglaw about his exhibition "Psychogeography" at heliumcowboy
56 Minuten
For „heliumTALK – Das Kunstgespräch“ Jörg Heikhaus meets with interesting people from the art world at the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg. Conversations are English or German.


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New format, old format: In this (english) Episode, Melvin talks
with artist David Shilinglaw about his new exhibition
"Psychogeography" at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg (Opening
April 28, 6 pm, exhibition until June 16.) Meanwhile Jörg was in
the countryside, digging a deep hole in his 1866 farmhouse, so this
is a one-on-one between the gallerist and his artist. You can also
listen to past episodes with David here at heliumtalk - this is the
third time David came for a chat: Episodes #33 (February 2019) and
#76 (April 2020) About David Shillinglaw: David Shillinglaw is a
Margate-based artist who has made a name for himself with his
distinctive blend of street art and fine art. His work is often
characterised by its bold colours, intricate patterns and whimsical
imagery. His art explores themes of identity and the human
condition, be it a complex anatomical diagram or a simple stick
figure. Drawing on ideas from ancient mythology and pop culture,
the artist creates a dialogue between the historical and the
contemporary. Shillinglaw often paints directly onto found objects,
creating an open relationship between himself and his changing
environment. Shillinglaw made his debut in Germany at heliumcowboy,
in 2015, when the artist came to Hamburg for his first solo show in
Germany. The show was titled Remote Control. Now, 8 years later,
the artist finally comes back and will present new works with his
new exhibition "Psychogeography", which deals with the concept of

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