Context is King - Prof. Dr. Koen Pauwels - Northeastern University

Context is King - Prof. Dr. Koen Pauwels - Northeastern University

How mental states influence decisions and why hypertargeting is ineffective
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Professor Koen Pauwels is one of the worldwide top scientist on
marketing and ad effectiveness. He is Professor of Marketing at the
Northeastern University, publishes regularly in the Harvard
Business Review, the Sloan Management Review and wrote several
books on smart data analytics, the digital economy and improving
marketing decision making. He is an academic with sure footing in
marketing practice as he works as a consultant for over 20 years.
Since 2019 he is also the Principal Research Scientist for Amazon.
He shares actionable insights with agencies and advertisers under
the motto: “Helping people avoid bad choices and make best
choices”. Among many other things we talk about: - why people who
say they don´t like beer should give Belgian beer a try - how
changing the context of your product can make all the difference -
dress code in Berlin nightclubs - why location matters so much -
why its not about the the size of the data but how you use it - how
advertising to people that will never buy your product help build
your brand - the disconnect between marketing practitioners and
marketing scientists and how to fix it - why having strong brand
recognition is important in the digital space - how promotive or
preventative mindsets changes behavior

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