Dirty Sessions W- Fin & Stanley - Beyond Radio - 17th März 2023

Dirty Sessions W- Fin & Stanley - Beyond Radio - 17th März 2023

The set starts with the atmospheric "Gemini" by M…
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The set starts with the atmospheric "Gemini" by Marek Hemmann and
then seamlessly transitions into Trentemøller's "Deceive" with its
unique vocal elements. Florian Meindl's "Desert Falcon" brings back
the tech house with its dark and driving sounds, followed by
Bonobo's hypnotic "ATK". Booka Shade's "In White Rooms" then
delivers an epic atmosphere that immerses the listener in another
world. Carl Cox, Christopher Coe and Reinier Zonneveld's
collaboration, "This Is Our Time (Pure Mix)," is another highlight
of the set, showcasing the producers' skills in techno. Walker
& Royce and Chris Lorenzo remix Idris Muhammad's "Could Heaven
Ever Be Like This" and give the classic a modern twist. The setlist
also includes a number of other tech house tracks such as "This Is
The Sound" by Todd Terry and Riva Starr, "Stepping On Paradise
(Dontknower Remix)" by Orelse and "Chaka (Original Mix)" by Sebjak
& Fahlberg. The set ends with some more progressive and melodic
tracks like "Atlas" by ARTBAT and "Noise feat. Lelah" by Denis
Horvat and Lelah. Fin & Stanley's own track "Light &
Shadow" rounds up the set perfectly and shows their ability to
combine catchy melodies with powerful beats. Beyond Radio:
www.beyondradio.co.uk/ www.facebook.com/beyondradio Fin &
Stanley: campsite.bio/finandstanley Set List: Marek Hemmann -
Gemini Trentemøller - Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner) Florian
Meindl - Desert Falcon Bonobo - ATK (Original Mix) Booka Shade - In
White Rooms (Original Mix) Carl Cox, Christopher Coe, Reinier
Zonneveld - This Is Our Time (Pure Mix) Idris Muhammad - Could
Heaven Ever Be Like This (Walker & Royce and Chris Lorenzo
Extended Mix) Todd Terry, Riva Starr - This Is The Sound (Original
Mix) Orelse - Stepping On Paradise (Dontknower Remix) Oxia - Domino
(Original Mix) Sebjak, Fahlberg, Fahlberg, Sebjak - Chaka (Original
Mix) Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - Ferdinand (Original Mix) Solee -
Exhilaration (Shall Ocin Remix) Rebuke - Along Came Polly (Original
Mix) Faithless - God Is a DJ (Original Mix) SKIY - Quiggin
(Extended Mix) Fin & Stanley - Licht & Schatten (Original
Mix) ARTBAT - Atlas (Original Mix) Denis Horvat, Lelah - Noise
feat. Lelah (Original Mix)

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