How to Postcritique I. Delaying Judgment. In Conversation With Rita Felski

How to Postcritique I. Delaying Judgment. In Conversation With Rita Felski

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How does aesthetic experience come about? Rita Felski, University
of Virigina, author of The Limits of Critique and Hooked: Art and
Attachment guides us through her actor-network-inspired theories
and demonstrates how the key concepts of identification, empathy
and attachment can illuminate our reading of Hanne Ørstavik’s
novel Love. We also look at the pleasures of critique and the
exaggeration of its significance, learn about Queer Theory as an
inspiration to Postcritique, hear a resonant defence of Hartmut
Rosa and get a glimpse of Rita Felski’s new book project.

(00:00:17) Introducing Rita Felski

(00:00:40) Rita Felski’s Connection to Scandinavia

(00:01:32) How Stefanie Encountered Rita’s Work

(00:02:14) On Uses of Literature

(00:04:20) How to Have Postcritical Conversations About

(00:10:30) Other Ways of Looking at Literature And Art

(00:13:14) Circumventing the Dichotomy Subject vs. Object

(00:16:31) Actor-Network-Theory

(00:22:57) New Aesthetic Experiences

(00:28:47) Attachment to Theory

(00:35:51) Response to Critique of Rita Felski’s Approach

(00:44:28) Rita Felski’s Attachment to Hanne Ørstavik’s

(00:46:18) Introducing the Novel

(00:49:15) Identifying the Threat in the Novel

(00:52:26) Different Perspectives in the Novel

(00:54:52) Teaching Kjærlighet

(00:57:23) Identification in the Novel

(00:59:40) Student Question

(01:03:35) Varieties of Identification

(01:07:01) Identification With the Different Perspectives in

(01:19:46) Intimacy

(01:22:42) Attunement

(01:27:57) Attunement and Identification as Potential Means to

(01:33:27) Ironic Identification

(01:39:19) What Advice Would You Give Your Student-Self?

Bibliography, further information and comments are available on
Experiment Geisteswissenschaft.

Idea and conception: Stefanie von Schnurbein

Cut: Cecilia Falkman

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