Die letzte Frage (200)

Die letzte Frage (200)

Der Podcast rund um Fragen aus dem Internet.
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Der Podcast rund um Fragen aus dem Internet


vor 2 Monaten
Hello my friends, this is 1000 Questions Podcast. We are again
writing our description in english, because we thought, might push
our listener numbers a lot. So maybe our last episode ever will be
heard all around the globe! In our last episode, we decided to have
a extra large question round that we wanted to discuss. This is why
it takes so long this time :) So feel free to rate us on your
prefered podcast platforms - so that maybe this project can
survive. But maybe we see and hear each other in other projects -
so have a good time! Thank you for listening and for your support!
Goodbye! Have Fun.

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