episode 65 - poets with Parkinson's with Nigel Smith (ENGLISH)

episode 65 - poets with Parkinson's with Nigel Smith (ENGLISH)

with Nigel Smith
35 Minuten


vor 3 Monaten

Welcome to my podcast. My name is Kathrin Wersing and I live in
Germany. I started this podcast over 2 years ago because I was
looking for people who live a positive life despite having
Parkinson's disease. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the
age of 40, I read and heard only frightening stories everywhere.
I was determined to change that. Today I know that there are so
many wonderful people out there who live exciting and inspiring
lives despite PD.

One of them is Nigel Smith from England. Nigel is a poet, he is
one of the founders of poets with Parkinson’s. We talk about many
topics in this interview. Nigel has gone through particlarly
rough times in recent years which he talks about honestly. But
his story is also about how writing poetry has brought him back
to life and how important it is that we recognise our own worth
and value. However there is also a lot of humour and laughter in
our conversation.

So you see, there is lots to say about Nigel, but he tells us
better in his own voice, which by the way is really beautiful
storyteller's voice. So I hope you’ll enjoy this interview.

Links to this episode:

Homepage poets wall: https://www.poetswall.com/

YouTube channel:

Get in touch with Nigel: nigel@poetswithparkinsons.com

pdf text of the poem Nigel reads: A SMALL COIN

Invitation to online "poets with Parkinson's" events:

"Away in La La Land" - A 30 min Rock n Rhyme True Tale:

First ever GERMAN Open Mic Poetry:

I appreciate your feedback on this podcast episode.

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