One Love - Interview with Sam Garrett

One Love - Interview with Sam Garrett

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148: For this week's podcast, Wanda is happy to welcome the
internationally recognized singer-songwriter Sam Garrett. In this
episode full of beauty and love you can follow Sam on his journey
of being open and interested in different cultures like
Rastafarian, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga from early on – leading him
to India but meeting his spiritual teacher Mooji after all in
England. This connection started, telling, by the energy of their
first meeting – already a long time before. Following the call to
live in Portugal with Mooji in his Ashram Sahaja, Sam could fully
connect to the vision of a life in happiness, peace and contentment
and describes his music as the expression of the connection and
relation to Mooji. Further on, he opens up about what he sees as
his dharma in this world in distinction to what is even more
important to him: to be one with who he is, to see his soul’s
purpose. His humble advice to all people seeking for their real
truth is to go into silence, to listen truly to your heart, and to
go beyond any conditioning. Leaving greed and selfishness behind,
uniting and always seeing Love as the answer – that’s his message
to share. Listen to the wisdom shared by Sam and follow this lovely
conversation of Sam and Wanda, two old friends meeting for the
first time. About Sam Garrett: Coming from England, Sam taught
himself playing the guitar as a kid and started playing in rock and
punk bands in his youth. But his path was meant to go into a
different direction. Sam went on a journey to oneself, to explore
and find “his” way of playing and making music. After being in an
Ashram in England in his early 20s, he realized that he doesn’t
want to be a musician in a commercial way, but to seek truth, seek
for his inner self, being authentic, being real. Thankfully, he
didn’t stop being a musician for good, but realized that music was
his calling and music his way of expression. Since then, he has
released 3 LPs and several EPs and gives music to this world that
uplifts, enlivens and inspires the hearts and souls of people all
over the world. Next live concert: March 7th 2023, Berlin, Germany
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