The how-to Guide to Brand Positioning (English) - Ulli Appelbaum - Author

The how-to Guide to Brand Positioning (English) - Ulli Appelbaum - Author

Insights for creative brand strategy
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In episode #43 of MARKENKRAFT I talk about the fascinating topic of
brand positioning from a practical perspective. My guest is the
award-winning marketing and brand strategy consultant Ulli
Appelbaum. He held senior strategy roles at some of the largest
advertising agencies in the world including BBDO, Leo Burnett,
Fallon Worldwide, and SapientNitro and tarted a brand research
& strategy boutique called First The Trousers Then The Shoes
Inc in Minneapolis and wrote "The Brand Positioning Workbook" – a
how-to guide. Among other topics we discuss: - why knowing the
objective is the key before starting any project - why "Sunday in
bed" is a great brand name - how the digital space has distracted
us from whats important - what it means to identify the patterns of
your brand - how to identify wether you have to reposition your
brand and why - the sources of powerful brand associations - how to
develop compelling brand positionings, faster

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