#358 Phil Libin | Co-Founder and former CEO and Chairman of Evernote, Co-Founder and CEO All Turtles and mmhmm

#358 Phil Libin | Co-Founder and former CEO and Chairman of Evernote, Co-Founder and CEO All Turtles and mmhmm

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After graduating from Boston University in Computer Science, our
guest worked as a software engineer and architect. He is the
founder of numerous companies. Among others, he was Co-Founder and
CEO and later Executive Chairman of Evernote from 2007 to 2016.
Since 2017, he has been Co-Founder and CEO of the AI studio "All
turtles" and, since 2020, also of mmhmm, a software company that is
involved in the booming market for video conferencing. A few weeks
ago he was a guest at DLD in Munich and spoke with Ina Fried on the
topic: "The State of Truth and Trust at Work". We are incredibly
grateful and proud that he takes time for us. For more than five
and a half years, we have been looking at how work strengthens
people - instead of weakening them. In more than 350 conversations,
we've talked to over 400 people about what has changed for them and
what needs to change further. We are quite sure that it is
important right now. Because the idea of "New Work" was developed
during a real crisis. We discuss with our guest why it is important
to develop new things, especially in difficult economic times. We
talk about truth and trust in the workplace and what role machine
learning and artificial intelligence will play in the future of
work. We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools
and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! In
addition, from the very beginning we have been concerned with the
question of whether all people can really find and live what they
really, really want in their innermost being. You are at On the Way
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