Fin & Stanley - Connected #40 Dance FM Romania

Fin & Stanley - Connected #40 Dance FM Romania

Dance FM Romania/ 89,5 FM/ Monday // 02 AM RO …


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Dance FM Romania/ 89,5 FM/ Monday // 02 AM RO TIME Fin &
Stanley: Dance FM Romania: Our latest DJ set for Dance FM
Romania, "Connected #40", is an explosive mix of house and tech
house music from some of the best artists in the industry.
Featuring tracks from Darius Syrossian, Fin & Stanley, Jay
Lumen and many more, this set is perfect for anyone looking to get
lost on the dance floor and party the night away. We start the set
with the classic "Applebum" by Darius Syrossian, which immediately
puts you in a good mood with its groovy bassline and unmistakable
melody. Our own track "House Music" then takes the energy to a new
level before Jay Lumen ignites another bassline bomb with "Nobody".
Andres Power and Outcode add a Latin touch with "Orinoco" before
Aitor Pastor provides an explosive atmosphere with "Exceso Y
Ruina". Miguel Bastida and Alex Sellens bring more groovy rhythms
to the set with "Latin Excursion" and "Droppin" before Mr. V and
Raffa FL add more energy with "How We Do." Kuo Climax and Supernova
provide more highlights with "Badboy" and "Spirits" before Marco
Lys and Tube & Berger provide another bassline bomb with
"Starter". Sllash & Doppe and Celeda provide more groovy
rhythms with "Lego" and "Take Flight" before Federico Scavo and
Lore add another Latin touch with "El Cantero". Kreature and Andre
Rizo (Feat. FIn & Stanley) provide more highlights with "Forest
Groove" and "Babaue" before Kernel Key and Rafael Manga add more
energy with "Falling Empire" and "BODY DROP". Valerio Bonfa closes
the set with "Kaho" for an unforgettable ending of the set. Set
List: Darius Syrossian - Applebum (Original Mix) Fin & Stanley
- House Music (Original Mix) Jay Lumen - Nobody (Original Mix)
Andres Power, Outcode - Orinoco (Original Mix) Aitor Pastor -
Exceso Y Ruina (Original Mix) Miguel Bastida - Latin Excursion
(Extended Mix) Alex Sellens - Droppin (Original Mix) Mr. V, Raffa
FL - How We Do (Raffa FL Re Edit) Kuo Climax - Badboy (Okain Remix)
Supernova - Spirits (Extended Mix) Marco Lys, Tube & Berger -
Starter (Extended Mix) Sllash & Doppe - Lego (Original Mix)
Celeda, Denney, Dean Mickoski - Take Flight feat. Celeda (Extended
Mix) Federico Scavo, Lore - El Cantero feat. LorE (Extended Mix)
Kreature - Forest Groove (Original Mix) Andre Rizo & Doctor
Jack - Babaue (Fin & Stanley Remix) Kernel Key - Falling Empire
(Original Mix) Rafael Manga, Damn Square - BODY DROP (Original Mix)
Valerio Bonfa - Kaho (Extended Mix) Free Download

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