episode 62 - Let's talk about women's issues with Dr. Annelien Oosterbaan (ENGLISH)

episode 62 - Let's talk about women's issues with Dr. Annelien Oosterbaan (ENGLISH)

with Dr. Annelien Oosterbaan
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Hello and welcome to my podcast. My name is Kathrin Wersing and I
live in Germany. Two and a half years ago I started this podcast
after I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I wanted to find out how
to live a positive and inspiring life despite the disease. Most
of my interviews so far were in German language but last year I
also started talking to people from all over the world in
English. In my special series "Parkinson’s around the world" I
want to continue to find out how Parkinson’s is seen and treated
in other countries.

My guest today is Annelien Oosterbaan from the Netherlands. She
was diagnosed at the age of 33. As a mother of 3 children, she
was just about to start her career as a doctor when the diagnosis
hit her cold. But Annelien is an impressive fighter and in the
last 5 years she has not only thrown herself into Parkinson's
research with great enthusiasm but has also had a fourth child. I
can promise you, this woman will impress you! I hope you enjoy
this interview!

Links to this episode:

Article in the Journal for Movement Disorders 2022
Subramanian "Unmet needs of women living with Parkinson'
disease. Gaps and controversies."

Website for the women's survey, Michael J. Fox Foundation:

The pregnancy registry https://www.pregspark.com/ (The links
doesn't work until the expected kick off medio 2023)

Advice to register: https://www.mymovesmatter.com/

Get in touch with Annelien:

Twitter: @pdwomen_nl  / @OosterbaanA

Instagram: @annelienoosterbaan

Sponsor link to support Annelien's research:

I appreciate your feedback on this podcast episode.

Feel free to send me an email: kontakt@jetzt-erst-recht.info

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