#53 - Vera Betz | o2 Telefónica Germany | HR Driven Innovation

#53 - Vera Betz | o2 Telefónica Germany | HR Driven Innovation

“Innovation is not done by one business unit, inn…
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“Innovation is not done by one business unit, innovation is done by
everyone.” In this episode, we are pleased to welcome Vera Betz, HR
Digital Transformation Manager at o2 Telefónica Germany. Her
mission: Connecting people and combining their strengths with the
goal of developing the right innovations together. During this very
casual exchange, Vera gives us insights into how HR empowers
employees at o2 Telefónica to change and develop new ideas for the
future. In this context, we not only learn about the role of trends
and how HR operates with them, but also what are - according to
Vera - the three core competencies that future employees need to
bring along for the development of future products. The episode at
a glance: Who is Vera? (00:01:18) Vera, please complete the 3
sentence starters… (00:02:28) Innovation x o2 Telefónica Brief
deep-dive into products and subsidiaries of o2 Telefónica Germany
(00:03:59) Telefónica turns 100! What is planned? (00:05:01) Why is
there a need to harmonize and synchronize the innovation efforts
within o2 Telefónica? And why start now? (00:05:47) About business
need and business outcome (00:07:24) The “Either-Or” game
(00:09:08) HR Driving Innovation at o2 Telefónica Why did o2
Telefónica decide to use HR as a driver for innovation? (00:10:54)
How does o2 Telefónica design the innovation management process?
(00:12:26) How you do work with trends, and which trends are
currently on the radar? (00:15:20) Skills needed for future
employees developing future products (00:19:47) Vera’s actionable
key recommendations to take away from this episode (00:21:14)
Looking back. Vera’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:22:22) ***
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