#51 - Tessa Finlev | Dolby Laboratories | Running a Futures Council

#51 - Tessa Finlev | Dolby Laboratories | Running a Futures Council

“To assume that running a Foresight or Future pro…
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“To assume that running a Foresight or Future program is something
that people can do on the side of their regular work would doom the
whole thing directly to failure.” In this episode, we are joined by
Dolby Laboratories' first-ever Foresight Strategist, and current
founder of her own consultancy, Tessa Finlev. As Head of Foresight,
she has launched an internal Futures Council, a company-wide
resource that scans the horizon and connects the dots back to
Dolby. In addition to a brief explanation of how Tessa
"accidentally" became a futurist, and a short dive into the
foresight activities at Dolby Laboratories, we address the core
question of how to run a Futures Council. If you want to learn more
about the characteristics, responsibilities, and goals of such a
council, but also how time travelers come into play in that
context, you shouldn’t miss this episode. The episode at a glance:
Who is Tessa? (00:01:29) Tessa, please complete the 3 sentence
starters… (00:02:57) Foresight X Dolby Tessa’s story about
“accidentally” becoming a Futurist. (00:05:03) How Tessa
kick-started corporate foresight movement within Dolby (00:06:17)
Who were Tessa’s first followers inside Dolby? (00:08:13) How Tessa
managed to get the internal buy-in for using a software platform
within Dolby (00:10:33) How do gamification approaches come into
play to increase engagement in corporate foresight activities?
(00:12:50) The “Either-Or” game (00:13:38) The Futures Council of
Dolby Why Tessa recommends having a dedicated futures team inside a
company (00:15:12) What are the characteristics, responsibilities,
goals and structure of such a council? (00:16:44) Who is the
audience of the Futures Council? (00:22:17) In Tessa’s opinion,
where should Foresight ideally sit within the corporate context,
and why? (00:25:21) A look ahead: What are some of the most
relevant H2/ H3 topics Dolby is currently dealing with? (00:27:07)
Tessa’s 3 actionable key recommendations to take away from this
episode (00:33:12) Looking back. Tessa’s Innovation Rockstar moment
(00:34:30) *** FEEDBACK WELCOME If you would like to learn more
about Tessa and her boutique futures firm, “Facilitating
Foresight”, then why not visit her at veryfuture.xyz. For feedback
on this episode, just shoot us a note at
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