#50 - Roni Michael | KPMG International | Global Innovation - Together

#50 - Roni Michael | KPMG International | Global Innovation - Together

“If we want to be truly ahead of the market, we n…
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“If we want to be truly ahead of the market, we need to do more of
what we've been doing, but so much faster and in a more intense
way.” In this episode, we are pleased to welcome Roni Michael from
KPMG International. Roni is dedicated to innovation at heart and in
her role as Global Head of Innovation responsible for establishing,
driving and accelerating innovation activities within KPMG's global
organization. In addition to the question of how KPMG helps clients
innovate in an increasingly fast-paced future, also talks to us
about how to maintain a balanced innovation portfolio, but also how
to measure the success of innovation. We will also take a look at
one of KPMG's focused topics, "The new era of work," which included
a large-scale hackathon. Want to learn more? Then tune in! The
episode at a glance: Who is Roni? (00:01:22) Roni, please complete
the 3 sentence starters… (00:02:42) KPMG x Innovation What led to
KPMG's decision to accelerate their efforts in innovation?
(00:04:14) How do you communicate withing KPMG to share success
stories? What are the formats you use? (00:07:14) What role will
KPMG play in helping your clients innovate in the coming years?
(00:09:24) How does KPMG build and maintain a balanced innovation
portfolio? (00:11:24) How does KPMG measure innovation success?
(00:14:30) The “Either-Or” game (00:20:21) New Era of work -
Hackathon What is the new era of work, and what are its real
challenges? (00:22:39) Short walk-through of the KPMG hackathon on
the topic of (digital) future of work and its outcome (00:27:07) A
look ahead: What’s next for KPMG’s innovation efforts? (00:31:44)
Roni’s 3 actionable key recommendations to take away from this
episode (00:34:05) Looking back. Roni’s Innovation Rockstar moment
(00:35:48) *** FURTHER LINKS Not enough of Roni yet? Then check out
Roni’s own podcast “Back from 2040” on:
or on all major podcast platforms e.g. Spotify:
https://open.spotify.com/show/3oeYTmxzclpJbqnwrIWuE3 / Apple
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