A problem-blind idea aviation (guests: Emergent Future Labs)

A problem-blind idea aviation (guests: Emergent Future Labs)

A life-centered design for innovation.
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Talking to Iain and Jason from the Emergent Future Labs just across
the river (right ocean). Embrace your beginners mindset, while we
explore what's lacking for “radical innovation” & what we still
might learn from the “Wright Browsers” early experiments in
aviation." - These were the questions that kept us awake late at
night, curious to know how Jason and Iain would answer. - If Design
Thinking has become a commodity like Scrum and Kanban, what ways or
methods help us to create radical innovation? - There is so much
truth in the quote from Henry Ford ("If I had asked people what
they wanted, they would have said faster horses.") and it has still
become so cliche because much of the business, political and social
institutions still think they are engaging in disruptive innovation
when they ask customers or citizens "What they want?"" - What
language are Jason and Iain speaking? What is this language
revealing to us? - What does it mean to create new worlds or block
old paradigms? - How to approach old mental models that are leading
us astray? - Why should we consider the non-human parts of our
environment when we are approaching or engaging in collaboration?
This was a much awaited dialogue and still at the beginning it left
us noticeably perplexed. It felt like flying for the very first
time.(notice the connection to the wright brothers). It was through
dialogue, that we were able to dissolve the tension that was
created from entry into the world of uncertain futures, uncertain
solutions and radical innovation. Our guides brought us back to
ground and we nailed the landing. While Listening to this dialogue
as an observer, we could recognize a false sense of security that
we brought to the conversation, maybe caused by the confidence in
the role of innovators. It gave us perspective to see just how
radical their approaches are and to understand most of that the
innovation that we are engaged in is incremental in its nature. If
you are preparing to listen to this episode, be sure to embrace
your beginners mindset. Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole with
us, because you know we are late for a very important date. Kind
regards from the gentle meadows of kiddy hawk Chris, Markus, Joshua
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PS: We nicknamed this episode "life-centered design", because of
how Iain spoke about collaboration as more than a human
interaction. The topics of life centered design, new-animism and
radical approaches to organizing and collaboration deeply spark our

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