Selbstwort - English test-version- Elisas story part 1

Selbstwort - English test-version- Elisas story part 1

Episode 1 - Elisas Story
45 Minuten


vor 4 Monaten
Welcome to the 1st episode in English. This podcast is about
suicide. People who are affected by suicide tell their story, talk
about their experiences and everything that goes with their
respective situation. My name is Elisa Roth and I am someone who is
affected myself. My mother took her own life in 2002 when I was 27.
Since the topic of suicide and talking about it is still a taboo, I
came up with the idea for this podcast. Because those affected want
to talk. They want to tell their story. And they should - loud and
clear and audible for everyone. I would like to request you
listeners, if you are also directly affected by suicide, send me an
email so that you too can tell me your story. In the first 3
episodes I will tell you my story. I started writing it down almost
5 years ago. I will read this text in the first few episodes so
that you can find out who I am and what my story is. 2 years ago I
created exactly this podcast in German. And what I triggered with
it is still overwhelming and can hardly be put into words. Those of
you who are interested in the German version can find it under the
title “Selbstwort” wherever there are podcasts. I'm not a native
speaker. A long long time ago I lived in England for a few years
and studied there. I was in a relationship with an English guy for
5 years..Unfortunately, my English is a bit rusty now and not as
fluent and practiced as it was then. But I hope you'll forgive me
for that. Before you hear my story, consider the subject of this
podcast. Since I keep mentioning my mother's chosen method of
suicide and also recounting how I saw her again before the funeral,
people who are sensitive to it might want to refrain from listening
to this episode. Also in all future episodes everything is often
told down to the smallest detail- as it really was and still is
today. Because in my opinion this is the only way to contribute to
clarification of the subject „suicide“ and the removal of taboos.
This is the first of three parts of my story.

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