The Science Behind Why We Buy - Phil Barden - DECODE

The Science Behind Why We Buy - Phil Barden - DECODE

Perception, behaviour and the misunderstood role of emotions in brand building
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Phil is the managing director of DECODE Marketing in the UK. Before
joining the DECODE Network Phil got 20 years of marketing and brand
management under his belly in companies. He led as VP Consumer
Business of T-Mobile the relaunch of the brand and managed to drive
a 49% increase in sales. He is very rare mix combining extensive
experience in brand management with deep knowledge about leading
edge science. The second edition of his bestselling book “DECODED –
The Science behind why we buy” has just been published. It is based
on cognitive & social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural
economics and is the first book to apply Daniel Kahneman´s Nobel
Prize Winning Work to real life marketing. Truly a treasure chest
for anybody interested in a systematic framework for optimizing
brand management and sales. We talk about: - how all of our
perception is depending on context - why blind testing are useless
- why perception beats cognition - how german and english
advertising/work culture differs - why understanding explicit and
implicit goals are the key for brands building - why the future
belongs to evidence based marketing - why puppies don´t sell beer
and cute camels don´t sell cigarettes

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