Author2Author with Susan Shapiro

Author2Author with Susan Shapiro

Bill welcomes author Susan Shapiro to the show.
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Spirited converations with author about writing, creativity, and life.


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Bill welcomes author Susan Shapiro to the show. Susan Shapiro
freelances for the NY Times, NY Magazine, WSJ, Washington Post,
L.A. Times, Salon, Elle, Oprah, Wired & New Yorker online.
She's the bestselling author/coauthor of 17 books her family hates
like Five Men Who Broke My Heart, Lighting
Up, Unhooked and The Forgiveness
Tour.  Her popular writing guides The Byline
Bible and The Book Bible were inspired by 25 years
of teaching writing and publishing in her popular "instant
gratification takes too long" courses at The New School, NYU,
Columbia University and now in private classes & seminars
online.  Her website is and you can follow
her on Twitter @susanshapironet and Instagram@Profsue123. 

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