Poster Drop Episode 15 - NYCC Recap

Poster Drop Episode 15 - NYCC Recap

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@newyorkcomiccon was a blast! @jamesjamesjamescreative, @_doaly,
@_murugiah and I had the best time hanging around at #NYCC and
around #NYC. We met many great people and I want to take the time
to thank a couple of them in the caption and on air.

First of a big fat thank you to John (@spoke_art) and Ken
(@ken_harman_hashimoto/@harmanprojects) for bringing us out and
being so kind during the trip. Cannot deal with much nice people
and they even put the rest of the posters and books online
tomorrow. Also the rest of the crew like @jennifersrizzo, #paul,
@raulbarquetart and many more. They were our NYCC Fam and were
our home base. Also part of that family was @feliciachiao who was
sooooooo nice and lovely to meet for the first time. Check her
art and get out your wallet because you will like it! Also with a
fantastic print and screening @matttaylordraws was as awesome in
person as in the interview I had with him and his very cool
partner @izzyburtonart who is on the same level of awesomeness.

Then I want to thank all the great artist that I could finally
meet in person. @jasonedmistonart who was such a delight to chat
with and will be coming on the show early in the next year.
@brianewing who will also be on the show soon, he had a lot to
say about the art and we chatted away about our projects that are
coming up. Then there is @rbrunoill who is a very great dude in
person and we both had bad luck in our fantasy league this week.
Also up on the main floor was @timothypdoyle from @nakatomi_inc
who I asked to come on soon as well and he had some great art
going on and will be at MCM London soon. Two more legends shared
a booth the cocktail specialist @hasunow and cartoon connoisseur
@montygog who couldn't have been nicer people and they had so
many cool pieces up that went so quick. Also the gig poster world
was fun with the guys from @collectionzz.

Artist Alley was very special too. I mad the most positive person
in the world @dannyschlitz who cheered you up anyway he can and
he sold his great art so stay tuned for more with
@themoorartgallery. Another Danny who I wanted to meet was
@artofdanny who was also such a delight to talk to and hang out
with. @tracieching had her great art up and also talked her
WeCreate Project which was really nice to hear about. Met some
Comic Book legends which was amazing and also the one and only
@bosslogic who is just the nicest dude! We will have him on the
show soon as well.

So going away from the con we met with another rock band: The
Circle Jerks consisting of @markomanev, @vance_kelly,
@apemeetsgirl and @daveoflanagan took the motto "Rock out with
your Tube out" to another level haha. Always a crazy evening when
we were with them.

We went also to a Tom Sachs show opening and saw obviously
@tomsachs and also @kaws and met a very great human being who
made waiting in line fly past so easily @briustudios who is a
very talented designer and cool dude!

@bottleneckgallery celebrated 10 years which was just so much fun
to meet all the great poster collectors that we have been knowing
from the groups have been there like #timmy and his wife,
@x_a_v_i_ and @jfernz and many more. Also met the great
@markenglert who will hopefully soon come on the show. Just an
utter delight.

I hope I didn't forget anyone but if so, I can tell you, there
was no dull moment on that trip and you all I had a chat with
made it very special. Here is to hopefully another Con in the
future. See you at @thoughtbubblefestival haha.

Stay tuned and check us out on YouTube and don't forget to smash
that like button!


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