Badman & Robbin´ Adscam - Bob Hoffmann - Author, Media Person of the Year

Badman & Robbin´ Adscam - Bob Hoffmann - Author, Media Person of the Year

The art of brand building and the dangers of adtech
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Bob Hoffmann is an advertising legend. Creating award winning works
for the many Superbrands. Bob's blog, The Ad Contrarian, was named
one of the world's most influential marketing and advertising blogs
by Business Insider. After his career in advertising he wrote the
book Bad Men: How Advertising Went from a Minor Annoyance to a
Major Menace. It was selected as "Best Of Marketing 2017 ". Five
years later Bob revisits advertising’s tracking based online
advertising industry and finds it far more corrupt and dangerous
than ever. “The tracking-based online advertising industry is a
criminal racket of epic proportions. It is a giant worldwide scam –
organized crime at a global scale that has been normalized by
involving virtually every major corporation, every pretty-sounding
trade organization, and the entire advertising, marketing, and
digital media industry.” I talk with Bob about - why agencies are
terrible places to work but great places to hang out - the follies
of the "Pepsi refresh campaign" - why effectiveness in advertising
is in decline - the role of fame in advertising - why click fraud
is a business bigger than Nike and its implications for online
advertising - the advantages of context sensitive advertising
versus microtargeting - why and how online tracking is harmful to
democratic societies

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