Teach Maths with a story for World Space Week

Teach Maths with a story for World Space Week

14 Minuten
Exploring the best teaching method known to science: storytelling.


vor 6 Monaten
Discover fun and effective ways to easily engage children aged 4–11
in topics such as number sequencing, counting in steps, ratio and
proportion, and more, with a story based on the changing phases of
the Moon... Sharing their ideas with you are teachers Bex and Rob,
both of whom have extensive experience across all primary age
groups, and Epic Storyteller Chip. Bex and Chip have also trained
hundreds of teachers to excel in their classrooms. Listen to the
full story via our sister podcast
https://feeds.captivate.fm/fablespodcast/ (Fables & Fairy
Tales). For additional resources – including lesson plans, story
books, storytelling videos, classroom challenges and more – visit
https://epictales.co.uk/ (epictales.co.uk) Plus join the community
at http://facebook.com/groups/teachhappily
(facebook.com/groups/teachhappily), or find us on Twitter using
https://twitter.com/teachhappily (@teachhappily) – let us know what
subjects or stories you need us to cover! Cover art: Mario Coelho
Mentioned in this episode: Cement your standing as everyone's
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Educator you'll have access to 100s of off-the-shelf lesson plans,
all using the method that Bath Uni, EU Lifelong Learning and the
Institute of Education all proved to be the most effective by far
at raising children's attainment. And if you use the offer code
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https://teachhappily.captivate.fm/epic-educators (Epic Educators)

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