#41 - get paid to read e-mails on the blockchain! interview with ethermail co-founders

#41 - get paid to read e-mails on the blockchain! interview with ethermail co-founders

60 Minuten


vor 2 Monaten

Get paid to read E-Mails on the Blockchain. Yes you heard right!
EtherMail is reimagining Email for web3 & thus changing how
we communicate by leveraging blockchain technology. Their aim is
to enable far greater levels of user autonomy and privacy, while
digitally transforming the dynamics of email communication for
the common good. They want to create a future powered by
decentralized communication, anonymity and fair compensation for
the invasion of the personal inbox. In the new episode of the
podcast Marvin speaks with Co-Founder Gerald Heydenreich and
Shant Kevonian from EtherMail. Together they reflected on gmail,
discord & the web2 communication stuck. Comparing that to
what the future of it all in a web3 environment could look like.
Furthermore they talk about the difference between Gmail &
EtherMail and web2 & web3. They give us an inside on
where they are at in the roadmap, how they get so much traction
& what their business case looks like. Also on the agenda:
The principle of read-to-earn and how we as consumers might get
paid just because we are reading certain emails.


00:00 – 01:30 Intro

1:30 Intro EtherMail

04:20 How did Shant & Gerald get into Web3?

11:25 Money Heist NFT Use Case

11:40 Communication is tough in Web3

19:00 Gmail vs EtherMail

23:30 Read to earn

26:00 New mechanism of wealth distribution

28:15 Monetize your fame

31:00 What’s in it for the brand?

34:30 Where are we at in the roadmap?

36:40 About EtherMail

38:40 Centralized vs Decentralized

42:45 Input about w3.vision Conference

45:40 Rapid fire wrap up

w3.talk auf youtube:

Link zum Newsletter: https://w3-news.beehiiv.com/

Gerald: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerald-heydenreich-a79125/

Shant: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shant-k-66583951/

Vicky: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vicktoriaklich/

Marvin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marvinsangines/

w3.fund: https://www.w3.fund/

notus: https://www.notus.xyz/

w3 auf Discord: https://discord.gg/hDTDF66fCH

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