#46 - Andrew Willett | Toyota Motor Europe | Innovating the Toyota Way

#46 - Andrew Willett | Toyota Motor Europe | Innovating the Toyota Way

“Targeted innovation requires a "single point of …
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“Targeted innovation requires a "single point of truth". A single
source of information to guide people and to make it easy for them
to find what's going on." In this episode, we welcome Andrew
Willett, Senior Expert at Toyota Motor Europe. Together with
Andrew, we explore "The Toyota Way" - a set of principles and
behaviors that underlie the Toyota Motor Corporation's managerial
approach. We also take a digression into Toyota's digital
innovation platform, which not only positively impacts the cost and
environmental footprint of the innovation activities, but also
serves as a valuable interface for the employees involved. Curious
for more? Then tune in! The episode at a glance: Who is Andrew?
(00:01:05) Andrew, please complete the 3 sentence starters…
(00:02:18) Innovating the Toyota Way What is the Toyota way?
(00:03:51) What is Toyota's view and approach of innovation?
(00:05:42) How does Toyota blend new ways and impulses coming from
outside with the traditional Toyota business practices? (00:06:55)
Talking about future research: While the Toyota way starts with
identifying a gap, that gap might be not so evident when conducting
future research in particular. How to bridge this? (00:10:29) The
“Either-Or” game (00:14:04) One Digital Platform How did this
opportunity emerge to put a new innovation system in place that
brings together all the manufacturing centers? (00:18:00) Why is it
important to have a single point of truth (the platform)?
(00:20:57) What were the most important selection criteria for you?
(00:22:06) How did you facilitate and manage that change process?
(00:23:20) In what way does innovation software deliver tangible
improvements and profitability, and what are your metrics of
success? (00:25:23) How does Toyota manage the balancing act
between involving employees in the company and maintaining an
appropriate level of confidentiality of data and information?
(00:30:34) What’s the engagement plan of including employees in
this change process? (00:33:21) Andrew’s 3 key actionable
recommendations to take away from this episode (00:35:40) A look
ahead: Andrew’s next steps in the Toyota journey? (00:37:14)
Looking back. Andrew’s Innovation Rockstar moment (00:38:35)

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