176 - Interview with Liza Lim - Musikfest Berlin (in english)

176 - Interview with Liza Lim - Musikfest Berlin (in english)

composer and professor
46 Minuten


vor 1 Monat
Liza Lim talks about how she came into new music and topics such as
ecological thinking and collaboration that inspire and motivate
her. Issues of representation and feminism also play a role in her
life, especially in her teaching at the Sydney Conservatorium of
Music at the University of Sydney. At Musikfest Berlin there are
two concerts that feature her music: 11 Sept 2022, Ensemble
Kollectiv conducted by Enno Poppe perform Lim's 'Machine for
Contacting the Dead' together with Clara Iannotta and Xenakis.
15 Sept 2022, The American JACK Quartet give the German premiere of
'String Creatures' in a program with Lachenmann and Xenakis.

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