Principles of Brand Growth – Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass – (English)

Principles of Brand Growth – Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass – (English)

Evidence based marketing and how to build distinctive brand assets
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My guest today is Professor Jenni Romaniuk. Jenni is Associate
Director of the world famous Ehrenberg Bass Institute of the
University of South Australia. She is a Research Professor and
author of two very influential books “How Brands Grow Part 2” and
“Building distinctive Brand Assets and one of the leading
researchers on brand equity, advertising effectiveness, distinctive
brand assets, word of mouth, loyalty and brand growth. She
pioneered Mental Availability measurement and metrics. Jenni was
the Executive Editor of the Journal of Advertising Research and now
sits on the journal’s Senior Advisory Board. Among other topics, we
discuss: - why "brand love" is a myth - why most loyalty programs
don´t work and may even be detrimental for your brand - how brands
grow - how we take on different personas in different parts of our
lives and how that shapes our buying behaviour - how much of
marketing is timing - how the idea of "love brands" is just the ad
industry flattering itself too much - what the purpose of
distinctiveness really is - the seven costly sins of brand identity

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