#44 - Dr. Eva Mitterreiter, Bosch & Jennifer Graf, digetiers | Partnering for Innovation

#44 - Dr. Eva Mitterreiter, Bosch & Jennifer Graf, digetiers | Partnering for Innovation

“Apart from creating a win-win situation, there’s…
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“Apart from creating a win-win situation, there’s a great benefit
in partnering with other firms to really achieve the best value
creation and added value for our customers.” In this episode, we
welcome Dr. Eva Mitterreiter, Head of New Business Building &
Innovation, Consulting at Bosch, and Jennifer Graf, Partner at
digetiers. With the goal of creating the greatest possible customer
value, Eva and Jennifer are partnering to combine their strengths
and offer transformation and business model innovation consulting
services. We discuss the consulting approach they follow and what
their partnership looks like, including benefits, challenges, and
their formula for success. Want to learn more? Then tune in! The
episode at a glance: Who is Eva? (0:01:38) Who is Jennifer?
(00:02:47) 3 sentence starters… (00:04:02) Consulting Is the
consulting business changing? Where is the innovation in
consulting? (00:06:09) How do you approach the new normal, and what
role does partnering play in your concept? (00:09:43) What are some
of the challenges you face with the partnering approach? (00:11:46)
Do you have any ideas or approaches on how to overcome the not
invented here syndrome? (00:14:30) The “Either-Or” game (00:17:40)
Consulting Cont’d How does your partnership look in detail? What
are its characteristics? (00:20:22) How do you clearly delineate
tasks and responsibilities between the partners? (00:22:55) Do you
communicate your value proposition and the solutions that you have,
transparently? And how does sourcing work? (00:24:58) About project
examples of their work. (00:26:43) 3 recommendations from your
partnership you would like to give to others (00:29:21) Jennifer’s
Innovation Rockstar moment (00:31:19) Eva’s Innovation Rockstar
moment (00:32:42) *** If you would like to give us feedback on this
episode or know someone who also has some thrilling stories or
insights to share from the world of corporate innovation (maybe
yourself?), just shoot us a note at info@innovationrockstars.show.
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