How does advertising really work? - Paul Feldwick, Author & Consultant (English episode)

How does advertising really work? - Paul Feldwick, Author & Consultant (English episode)

The anatomy of Humbug and why we should stop worshiping creativity
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I am speaking with english advertising legend and bestselling
author Paul Feldwick. He sees advertising in a crisis. Misled by
managerial myths of rationality and logic, and by a cultish
misunderstanding of ‘creativity’, it risks forgetting how to appeal
to the public. As a result today’s advertising is less liked – and
less effective – than ever before. Technology and discussions about
purpose dominate the agenda. In Paul´s view advertising awards have
lost touch with reality as the award-winning campaigns do not
deliver business results like they used to. The big question is:
How does advertising really work? In his radical new view, all
theories have their uses - and all are dangerous if they are taken
too literally as the truth. He therefore examined the assumptions
underlying advertising and how these assumptions developed in
historical context in his books “The Anatomy of Humbug” and “Why
the Pedlar sings”. Among many other topics, we discuss: - does
advertising require conscious attention, or is it simply about
being famous? - what role does creativity play in the effectiveness
of advertising? - is the cult of raw creativity in the
advertisement industry justified or do we need a new and different
type of creativity? - entertainment and advertising - how two
people can have differing opinions on a matter and still both be
right - why it is a great time to be in advertising right now

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