ClimateView: We decarbonize city economies

ClimateView: We decarbonize city economies


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“We enable cities to understand and monitor their emissions,
choose the best path to net zero and collaborate at scale to
implement a comprehensive transition plan.” Tomer Shalit, Founder
and CEO of the Swedish Company, ClimateView, named by Fast
Company as one the most innovative companies of 2021.

What Tomer is describing is ClimateOs - an extraordinary
technology that his company has created and rolled out
in less than 3 years. It is the world’s first
platform to support climate decision-making across the
entire economic matrix of cities. In short: a technology
that operates as a climate action tracker for local
governments. Where cities once took up to 12 months to understand
and focus on energy usage and emission targets, they now
take days, if not hours.

Why is this important? Currently, more than half of the
global population is urban - rising to two thirds by 2050.
Cities consume 78% of the world’s primary energy and
generate more than 70% of global carbon
emissions, according to the World
Economic Forum. There is little doubt that cities are the
frontline in creating and tackling climate change; representing
both the biggest challenge as well as the greatest opportunity to
keep warming well below 2°C.

"That’s why 170 cities are now using it, 51 of them in Germany“,
says  Michael Bergöö, the company's Community Director for
German speaking Europe.

Sweden has decided to roll it out for the entire
country. Hopefully, ClimateView can persuade
Germany to follow Sweden’s example.

More about ClimateView - about the World Economic Forum - about
the host

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