Two Trades To Navigate This Regime Shift

Two Trades To Navigate This Regime Shift

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A unique financial markets podcast hosted by two young European macro stars that not only delivers insightful macro content, but also actionable investment ideas to investors across the world.


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On today’s episode of “The Macro Trading Floor,” Andreas and
Alfonso discuss the top stories of the week before offering up
their very own trade idea for manoeuvring this environment. With
all eyes on the Bank of Japan as they fiercely defend their yield
curve control, many investors are worried about something breaking
in Japan. Alfonso highlights that "the only entity that can break
something in Japan, is Japan itself". Just how will Kuroda and the
BoJ be forced react to a weakening Yen, surging yields and
increasing pressure from the bond vigilantes. To find out, you'll
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Referenced In The Show: Jerome Powell Takes a Pounding: 
The Bank of Japan will not be bullied: The
New York Fed DSGE Model Forecast—June 2022:
-- Timestamps:  (00:00) Introduction  (00:33) Top Stories
Of The Week (07:33) Bank Of Japan Will Not Be Bullied (12:06)
Feature Interview With Andreas (12:38) What The Heck Is Going On
With The BoJ? (20:31) Andreas' Actionable Trade Idea (27:36)
Feature Interview With Alfonso (30:48) Heading For An Earnings
Recession (37:13) Alfonso's Actionable Trade Idea (42:27) Post
Interview: Final Thoughts -- Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on The
Macro Trading Floor should be considered as investment advice.
Please always do your own research & speak to a financial
advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money
into these crazy markets.

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