A Trade For The U.S Dollar's Reversal | Julian Brigden

A Trade For The U.S Dollar's Reversal | Julian Brigden

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A unique financial markets podcast hosted by two young European macro stars that not only delivers insightful macro content, but also actionable investment ideas to investors across the world.


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On today’s episode of “The Macro Trading Floor,” Andreas and
Alfonso welcome Julian Brigden Co-Founder of MI2 Partners. Making
the statement that "macro is back with a vengeance", Julian joins
the show for a wide ranging discussion on inflation, misconceptions
in the yield curve inversion, the factors driving an equity bear
market and the U.S Dollar's structural decline. Expecting a
structural rise in yields, Julian takes us back 800 years quoting a
research piece by the BoE that identified all major trend reversals
in bond bull markets being caused by either a pandemic or war. Just
how will this new regime shift Julian expects effect his actionable
trade idea? To find out, you'll have to tune in! -- Follow Julian:
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Summary of Economic Projections:
Lagarde plays down recession risks, says ECB is ready to 'move
faster' on rates if needed.
The current bond bull market is the longest in more than 500 years
Bretton Woods III:
-- Timestamps: (00:00) Introduction (01:01) Top Stories Of The Week
(06:53) Can the Fed pivot? (13:59) Feature Interview With Julian
Brigden (23:59) The Labor Market (29:03) Will the Fed turn dovish?
(34:44) The U.S. Dollar vs Equities (39:24) Julian's Actionable
Trade Idea (46:01) Post Interview: Final Thoughts (51:29) The Role
of the US Dollar -- Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on The Macro
Trading Floor should be considered as investment advice. Please
always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor
before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these
crazy markets.

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