Peace Revolution episode 093: Liberty and Economics | Part 1: Philosophy

Peace Revolution episode 093: Liberty and Economics | Part 1: Philosophy

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Peace Revolution episode 093: Liberty and Economics |
Part 1: Philosophy


Reference Notes with Hypertextlinks (if they don’t show up on
this podOmatic page)


(0-5mins) Rep Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's
$500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know." on 1/2 Trillion
(5m-10m) Ron Paul, Voluntaryist
(10m-10m30s) Ayn Rand | The Final Struggle between Capitalism and
(10m30s-14m) Welfare State in Social Democracy
(14m-16m) Bernie Sanders Healthcare
(16m-17m) Milton Friedman response to Sanders
(17m-21m) Benefits Cap is forcing me to Work – UK
(21m-22m) Murray Rothbard | The Libertarian Solution to
(22m-23m) What is Laissez Faire Economics?
(23m-26m) Why Work? Welfare Addiction in Handout-Hungry UK
(26m-37m) Milton Friedman| The Roots of the Welfare State
(37m-42m) 9 Trillion Missing from Federal Reserve Bank says the Fed
Inspector General
(42m-43m) Murray Rothbard | The Death of Keynesian Economics
(43m-51m) A Libertarian View of Welfare | John Stossel &
Friends on Fox News
(51m-54m) Black Budget US govt clueless about missing Pentagon
(54m-56m) Donald Rumsfeld says Govt not smart enough to
(56m-1h18m) Defining Libertarianism and Austrian Economics with
Walter Block
(1h18m-1h20m) Murray Rothbard on the Global Central Govt and Global
Central Bank (During Q&A at the end)
(1h20m-1h23m) Rep Alan Grayson - $12 Trillion Gone – and No One
(1h23m-1h26m) Every American owes $60,000.00 | Rand Paul on the
National Debt
(1h26m-1h29m) Ron Paul describing Murray Rothbard
(1h29m-1h31m) Murray Rothbard | On the history of Tax
(1h31m-1h36m) Free Market Masters: Ludwig von Mises
(1h36m-1h39m) Voluntaryism
(1h39m-1h48m) Murray Rothbard | The Identity of the State
(1h48m-1h48m30s) Ayn Rand explains the Non-Aggression
(1h48m30s-1h49m) Ron Paul | Is the Role of Government to Police the
(1h49m-1h50m) Murray Rothbard | Isolationism and Jefferson’s desire
to disband Military
(1h50m-1h52m) Black Budget (sample 2)
(1h52m-1h53m) Ron Paul “I Like Voluntaryism”
(1h53m-1h56m) Corbett Report episode 309 “Solutions: Agorism”
(1h56m-2h04m) Mike Wallace, Milton Friedman, Donald Rumsfeld
discussing the Free Market and Laissez Faire trade Policy
(2h04m-2h10m) Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism |
(2h10m-2h13m) Joe Rogan Experience episode 1000 “Nobody Should be
Big Daddy”
(2h13m-2h18m) U.S. Debt Crisis Explained
(2h18m-2h21m) Ayn Rand educates Phil Donohue on Free Market
(2h21m-2h23m) Murray Rothbard on Ayn Rand
(2h23m-2h28m) Jordan Peterson | Ideology and Democide
(2h28m-2h30m) Bill Buppert | Stoicism (Sample)
(2h30m-2h31m) Corbett Report episode 309 “Solutions: Agorism”
(Counter-Economics sample)
(2h31m-2h32m) Mark Dice – Safe Spaces
(2h32m-2h34m) Joe Rogan Experience episode 998 (Sample)
(2h34m-2h37m) InternetAristocrat’s Guide to SJW’s (Social Justice
(2h37m-2h38m) Occupy Richmond – Intro to the Progressive
(2h38m-2h49m) The Progressive Con
(2h49m-2h53m) Sargon of Akkad: Antifa & Anarcho-Communism
(2h53m-3h04m) Murray Rothbard | The Death Wish of the
Anarcho-Communists (1970)
(3h04m-3h08m) Sargon of Akkad: Antifa Tactics – Black Bloc
(3h08m-3h13m) The Five Universal Laws of Stupidity – Lionel
(3h13m-3h17m) Gad Saad | Triggers and Safe Spaces and SJW
(3h17m-3h22m) Jordan Peterson | Political Tribalism Explained
(3h22m-3h23m) Vice News | Coverage of the Chaos in
(3h23m-3h24m) Fox News | Charlottesville Police called off when
Violence Erupted
(3h24m-3h29m) Candice Owens | How the Media Encourages Division and
(3h29m-3h33m) Joe Rogan Experience episode 998 (Sample)
(3h33m-3h49m) Millennials in the Workplace & Internet Addiction
| Simon Sinek (author)
(3h48m-4h19m) Richard’s Introductory Monologue
Meru Documentary Film (Wikipedia)

(4h19m-4h46m) Richard’s reading of highlights from chapter 1 of the
2001 publication “Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare
State” by Sheldon Richman (Foreword by Congressman Ron Paul)
(4h46m-6h16m) How Murray Rothbard became a Libertarian
(6h16m-7h01m) What I Learned from Murray Rothbard – Tom Woods
This presentation got Tom attacked by the Libertarian (Political)
Party, as detailed in the last component of this episode @

(7h01m-7h35m) Liberty and Economics – Ludwig von Mises
(7h35m-8h30m) Ludwig von Mises’s Contributions to Economics – Bob
(8h30m-9h36m) The Founding of the Federal Reserve – Murray N.
(9h36m-10h19m) 6 Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the
Non-Aggression Principle – Rebutted! by Stefan Molyneux
(10h19m-11h10m) Corbett Report episode 309 “Solutions:
(11h10m-12h26m) Introduction to Objectivism – Leonard Piekoff
(12h26m-13h10m) Common Arguments to Voluntarism Rebutted – Stefan
(13h10m-13h47m) Stoicism: Question Obedience by Bill Buppert
New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Edward Konkin, III; read by
John Lothe
(13h47m-14h20m) Parts 1-2
(14h20m-14h42m) Part 3
(14h42m-15h03m) Part 4
(15h03m-15h11m) Part 5

(15h11m-15h58m) Agorism Debate – Samuel Edward Konkin, III (SEK3),
view source to find other speakers at the debate
(15h58m-17h42m) Reading of “Agorist Primer” by Samuel Edward
Konkin, III (SEK3)
(17h42m-19h28m) David Friedman | A Consequentialist Theory of
(19h28m-20h22m) Tom Woods on Declare Your Independence with Ernest
Hancock discussing how the Libertarian Party (Political Group
founded in early 1970’s) has completely abandoned primary tenets of
Juxtapose the foundational elements mentioned earlier in this
episode with the current takeover of leadership and that leadership
leading Libertarians toward the traditional status quo, negating
and neglecting the valuable lessons of von Mises and
Part 2 of this conversation was published just moments after I was
finishing this episode, with Libertarian Party chairman Nick
Sarwark providing his side of the story.


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