#39 - Dr. Ina Nordsiek | Miele | Pioneers Camp: Intrapreneurship for New Growth

#39 - Dr. Ina Nordsiek | Miele | Pioneers Camp: Intrapreneurship for New Growth

"Intrapreneurship should, above all, help encoura…
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"Intrapreneurship should, above all, help encourage people to try
new things by both, motivating people and providing a platform for
them to do so." Today we welcome Dr. Ina Nordsiek, Director
Intrapreneurship at the German domestic appliance manufacturer
Miele. When she joined the company in 2020, Ina's mission was to
develop an intrapreneurship program from the scratch. The result:
the Miele Pioneers Camp that empowers people to transform their
ideas into new business. Ina shares with us her experience in
setting up such a program in a traditional family business like
Miele. She provides insights into dealing with challenges such as
resistance to change, identifying the most promising ideas, or
selecting the right projects to further pursue. Tune in and make
sure to not miss the three recommendations Ina has for building a
successful intrapreneurship program! The episode at a glance: - Who
is Ina? (00:01:28) - Ina, please complete the 3 sentence starters…
(00:02:52) - What is the intrapreneurship program at MIELE, and
what are its goals? (00:03:59) - What was the reason to launch the
intrapreneurship program, and how does it fit to the MIELE overall
strategy? (00:05:30) - How and with which partners, if any, has the
program been built up? (00:07:48) - The “Either-Or” game (00:13:01)
- How to find the right people for the intrapreneurship program?
(00:14:58) - How to deal with the classic resistance to change
(e.g. fear of the new)? (00:17:40) - Why do employees participate,
what is in it for them? (00:21:26) - How do you market your
intrapreneurship program? (00:23:03) - What’s the process for
employees who want to participate in the program? (00:25:05) - How
do you ensure that you don't eliminate good ideas too early because
they don't fit into the MIELE strategy? (00:28:31) - What are the
rating criteria new ideas shout meet, and how do you position
yourselves on the topic of disruption?? (00:30:40) - Let’s talk
about money: In terms of cost invest, how do you decide whether a
project in the intrapreneurship program will be continued
(00:32:52) - Ina’s 3 key recommendations on how to build up an
intrapreneurship program (00:34:57) - Thinking ahead: How will the
Pioneers Camp develop further? (00:36:00) - Ina’s Innovation
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And to those, who want to learn more about the Miele Pioneers camp,
click here:

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