Discussing a new Human Development Thesis for the 21st Century

Discussing a new Human Development Thesis for the 21st Century

From Abstraction to Action. Who are post-formal actors and what protocols do they use to move forward and sense make through action?


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About the Episode Our focus here at Daily of the Month is to put
our attention on the outcomes of mindful collaborations. If we look
around the world, it is fairly apparent that our social and
ecological environments are showing us that we are living out of
balance. Now more than ever, there is a need for an intimate
understanding of the patterns for generative collaborations and
organizing as collectives at scale, if we want to transcend our
current predicaments and find balance again. This episode focuses
exploration of how we can navigate this time as individuals and in
organization with others. The ‘rudiments’ of collaboration are
guiding us in our search for alternative ways to engage with each
other. We are curious to explore what a new Human Development for
the 21st century could look like. At this point, it feels like the
human and its imagination for what what life could be, seem to be
the limiting factors. This is why placing human development at the
center of our design process for the future, seems like an
appropriate move. In the journey to develop this thesis it is
important to to be conscious of the ‘pebbles’ and patterns that let
us know that we are on the right path. Our Guests Bonnitta Roy and
Simone Cicero bring life and interesting perspectives to this
conversation. They also shared with us, which patterns they have
seen help individuals and groups orientate themselves in order to
have agency in creating preferred outcomes. Terms Salience
Landscape: This expression comes out of the cognitve sciences and
refers to an internal map that individuals create of all things
that are relevant to them in their environment Post Formal Actor
This expression was coined by Bonnitta and, "refers people who
“operate on” the roles, rules, norms and procedures, by challenging
and experimenting with them, (perhaps even ignoring and
obliterating them), and by creating new roles, rules, norms and
procedures. Post-formal actors can also “operate on” the larger
context by reframing the context, redirecting action, and
regenerating new contexts. Action Protocols Are based on first
first principle heuristics and help actors to engage in mindful
action and orient them towards perferred futures. There usage is
particularly imporant in times when our maps of meaning start to
break down. Conviviality In his book Tools for Conviviality Ivan
Illivich describes how technology should not rob us of our
humanity, making us mere cogs in the machine.It should however
provide us with tools that ensure our right to work autonomously
and in connection with our environment and neighbors. This is the
meaning of Conviviality and Illivich believed this ideal to be one
of the highest ethical values of a modern society. Chris, Markus,
Joshua, Andreas, Franziska PS: Gladly accepting feedback send an
email to post@dailyofthemonth.de or through our Signal Group

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