How to Transfer from Academia to Industry

How to Transfer from Academia to Industry

A talk with TUM Alumna and Mentor Marwa El Hefnawy
32 Minuten


vor 1 Jahr
For anyone moving from academia to an industrial company, it is
essential to understand how personnel selection procedures work in
industry and what qualifications are particularly valued here. What
skills have I acquired during my studies and doctorate that could
also be important for work in industry? And how do I convince my
potential employer that I'm not an ivory tower scientist? TUM
alumna Marwa El Hefnawy knows the answers: After successfully
completing her doctorate at TUM, she has already brought her
talents and knowledge to bear very successfully in various
international companies in Germany. In this episode of "That's my
Job," she shares her experiences. In this episode, TUM career
expert Anke Graf explains what you should keep in mind when
designing your CV to apply for an industry job.

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