When Sx meets Tech a Interview with Ola Miedzynska CEO & Founder at Sx Tech.eu

When Sx meets Tech a Interview with Ola Miedzynska CEO & Founder at Sx Tech.eu

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Today I have the wonderful Ola Miedzynska in my interview. Todays
Interview is in English. Ola is CEO & Founder at Sx Tech.eu She
/ Her / Hers an amazing woman with great emissions in this field.
Today we talk about: What is the Sx Tech Industry and what belongs
to it, and every one has contact with it every day and doesn´t even
know it The journey of Ola and how she started in the Tech
Industry, than she found the blue ocean and the angle to Fem Tech
and 5 years ago she created her company Sx Tech How the Sx Tech
Industry developed during the time till today Everyone has sex,
everyone has a sexual identity and no one needs to be ashamed of
this $122.96 billion industry which is expected to grow by 2026
Solving real-world problems in sexual wellness and health market in
playing, tracking all sexual habbits Increasing of the industry and
modern solutions like metavers, more digital solutions for toys,
plasure, erotic, cyber technology etc. Removing the shame of the
industry so it becomes normal like brushing your thooth and all its
toys and tools too Shift of Genger understanding Digital Payments,
Blockchain, within the Sx Tech Industry Security in our business
and that the social discussions are missing if people want to be in
Metavers, use Blockchain and talk more about the consequenzes on
the wohle technolgy and spread more awareness Did you ask yourself
wheater you want to use this products or not, or did you just use
it cause everyone does and you are afraid of missing somehting out
Data Selling, Tracking of Informations and Terms and Conditions and
better teachings on the Digital Tech Backround or normal Humans in
simple language Sex Tech Side and private pleasure or only business
pleasure Risks of digitalisation when having kids and the problem
of sex education and future chances for our youth cause parents
never have the tools we have now Fixing Sex Education for the
future What Ola thinks Feminism is Pleasure and reproduction health
and even Netflix is talking about it even more and it becomes more
normal and discussalbe Goals, Chances and wishes for the Future
Here are all the Links to find Ola: Instagram:
 https://www.instagram.com/sxtecheu/ Web: https://sxtech.eu/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ola-miedzynska-370100143/
Tickts zur Sx Tech.eu am 31.08.2022: https://sxtech.eu/ 𝑷𝒇𝒊𝒂𝒕 𝒅𝒊
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