Jeffrey Kimball - Northern Paranormal Research Society

Jeffrey Kimball - Northern Paranormal Research Society

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Jeffrey Kimball from NPRS on with us. About Jeff and NPRS...
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On this episode of PIR Radio we have Jeffrey Kimball from NPRS on
with us.

About Jeff and NPRS:

We are a Paranormal research group in the center of New Hampshire.
We have worked and spent much of our time in paranormal research
and understanding on how things in our everyday lifestyle can
effect or be effected by them. Northern Paranormal staff are not
new to the spirit world, we started trying to understand about the
paranormal in the later part of 1998 when i had paranormal
introductions of my own. And so began the journey to find others
like myself with the interest in the paranormal. I formed the
organization in 1999 with 5 members and it has just grown from
there. I have not only formed this group for us, but for others in
whom we try to help in the understanding of the paranormal. This is
more then just curiosity.....this is a quest, a quest to see if
there really are things out there trying to talk to us or asking
for help to move on. We understand the doubters and the
non-believers in the paranormal field but we are not just a group
to help with seing or believing but also to disprove bumps in the
night to be a settling house or pinging in the basement to be air
in the pipes. We help everyone. There is always an
answer........just where in the spectrum does it lie.

With that said i decided that investigating was not enough, so i
began my studies and became certified and well versed in much of
the equipment used today such as EMF Detectors, Thermal Imaging
Equipment, and the lighting of IR and Full Spectrum. Now with the
knowledge comes the teaching. We hold workshops and seminars all
over New England to help teach other people who have the drive and
excitment we have on an investigation, to learn what we know in
hopes they will teach people what THEY know. I deal in
Parapsychology and am facinated in the spirtual world and hope i
can help others in the field to.

Please visit our website at

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