NPI - Darryl and Nikki

NPI - Darryl and Nikki

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Darryl and Nikki on from Northern Paranormal Investigations ...
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On this episode of PIR Radio we have Darryl and Nikki on from
Northern Paranormal Investigations from British Columbia,

Here is more about Darryl and Nikki:

Darryl was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and is the youngest
of three children. He has lived in British Columbia for over 20
years and has been a welder-fabricator for most of that time.

Before that he lived in various places throughout Ontario and moved
a lot. Darryl also came from a split family, but always had the
support of both his parents. He started investigating the
paranormal as a result of his drive to discover the truths and/or
untruths behind the causes of paranormal activity, also having had
a few experiences that put him on course with the paranormal.

Darryl is what some people call "sensitive" and has been known to
see and feel things in ways others may not. He uses both his senses
and technical equipment to investigate, and help people understand
what they are experiencing; hopefully supply answers. As the
founder of N.P.I. Darryl brings a positive, professional,
enthusiastic energy to the group, which is an asset to all our

Darryl has been doing investigations into the paranormal for more
then a year now and has gained a lot of experience in the field
having been both a member and a lead investigator of another group.
He feels with himself and his team’s knowledge that N.P.I. will be
a group to look to for help and answers when needed.

Born and raised in Langley BC, Nikki has always lived in the lower
mainland, and now resides in downtown Vancouver. Nikki has been
interested in the paranormal since she was a little child when an
elderly woman would come and sit in her room at night and sing to
her, comfort her. As Nikki grew into adolescence, the paranormal
activity around her grew in frequency and intensity. At this time,
she was also introduced into the metaphysical realm. This is when
she found out for sure about her “sensitivities” and telekinesis.
By the time she was a young adult, she had already won one battle
with a demon. To this day, she does not fear ever facing one again.
Nikki comes with a resume including working with a few other
investigative paranormal teams and brings with her the knowledge
learnt with each one.

Every place Nikki has lived, she has had ghosts follow. Almost
daily, things will be moved around, sounds made, unexplainable
happenings, being touched and even on occasion she will actually
see her visitors. Despite all of her personal experiences, she
faces every moment as a skeptic first. She will never assume that
any off thing happening is paranormal, no matter how weird it may

When Nikki isn’t expanding her knowledge of the mysterious and
unknown, you can usually find her at a coffee shop or the beach
with a coffee and a good book. Her other hobbies include 8-ball,
photography, videography, and poetry. When not working in her
capacity as a paranormal investigator she is an administrative
clerk for a large heavy construction/ engineering company. She
loves her job and is thankful that she can work with such wonderful
people. Nikki is also very close to her supportive family for who
she can’t thank enough for all the love and guidance they have
given her throughout the years.

When the opportunity came for Nikki to join Northern Paranormal
Investigations, she knew it was the right thing for her to be doing
and is happy to be living one of her dreams.

Thank you for your continued support and please visit our website

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