Kathy Machowski - MN Beyond the Veil

Kathy Machowski - MN Beyond the Veil

On this episode of PIR Radio we have founder of MN Beyond the Veil Kathy Machowski on with us. ...
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On this episode of PIR Radio we have founder of MN Beyond the Veil
Kathy Machowski on with us.

About the group:

We are a small group of people investigating claims of haunted
locations. Though it is rare, we have found in some cases the
spirit lingers on after death. Proving that the grand spirit of the
people of Minnesota still lives on even after death.

We investigate various locations, such as homes, business,
historical sites, churches, and cemeteries. We even had a few
people call us to check out a home they plan to buy, they liked the
house, but they felt something not quite right about it.

There is never a fee for our services.

We help people who think they may have a haunting. All of our
members have experienced spiritual activity and is sensitive to the
needs of our clients. Regarding this, our group is very discreet.
We are not flashy and none of our cars are marked. When we come
over we look like company coming for a visit.

We record and document each location, and will either revisit or e
mail each client our findings. Many of our clients are pleased with
the information we gather for them. With some, we are able to find
a natural explanation for what is happening to them, with others,
we show them proof that they do have a haunting, and suggest things
that they can do.

With the addition of our sensitive, Linda, we have had success with
helping the spirits cross over. This is done only with the client’s
approval as many of our clients once knowing that they do have a
spirit in their home do not wish for the spirit to leave.

Either way, our clients' minds are put at ease.

About Kathy:

Raised in a house that had spiritual activity, I was always
interested in spirits. At a young age they frighten me, but as I
grew older I wanted to know the rules that the spirits obey. As a
teenager, I studied on and off about ghosts, reading everything I
could and trying various experiments hoping to capture a voice or
image of a spirit. In my 20’s I collected various stories and
started lightly investigating locations. I enjoyed field work and
after my separation from my x, I was able to commit more time into
investigating cases in NY. After Moving to Minnesota, I started
Minnesota’s Beyond the Veil. I came up with that name because of my
earlier studies. I was told that spirits dwell “beyond the veil”

Psychic’s are able to pierce this veil to contact the spirits
beyond. I and my group may not be psychic (with the exception of
Linda) but with our equipments help we are able to look “beyond the
veil” and catch glimpses of the spirit world.

Thank you for your continued support of PIR Radio, please visit our
website at www.pirradio.com

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