How to Get Out of Debt- My Story | EP 39

How to Get Out of Debt- My Story | EP 39

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Getting out of debt is something you can accomplish if you make a
plan and work it. The key is getting a grip on where you are
currently then educating yourself on how to take steps to move

This is my story of how I got out of $70K of debt, improved my
credit score, and now hold no balances on anything but a car
note- which is for a reason!   

I am not a financial guru/advisor/etc and simply am sharing how I
was able to do it merely to help inspire others that they can
too. Why? Because believing you can get out of debt is really the
first step in doing so and this show is all about empowerment.

Disclaimer: NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. I am not an attorney,
accountant, or financial advisor, nor do I hold any claimant to
be and thus should only have these thoughts taken general ideas.
Please seek professional help from a licensed professional to
work on your unique financial situation.

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