The Story of Hudson Alakonya | From Kakamega to Oxford

The Story of Hudson Alakonya | From Kakamega to Oxford

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Hudson Alakonya is currently a PhD Rhodes scholar and the Founder
and CEO of Integrated Cancer Research Foundation of Kenya

This is repurposed interview from the science media Africa
interviews done in collaboration with Planet wizard Africa 

Interview Questions:
BackgroundPrescience Student experienceScience Interest: How it
began and who has influenced your path into science.University
experience: Bsc to PhDHow did you get your first job and subsequent
jobsMentorship: Did you have  a mentor, Is it important to
others, Do you mentorWhat kind of opportunities are there in
science or for science graduatesHighs and Lows in your
careerMistakes and what you learnt from it, advise to younger
selfTell us about your research….How you got into it, and how it
helps the society: Past Present and Future if any.Future
prospectsExperience as a woman in science: The changes over the
years…Advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in
science.Let’s talk about mental health: Any personal experience or
things you would like to share about it.Advice to a young
scientist.Anything you would like to add: Questions you wish I
asked and wish to answer.

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