The story of Dr. Adrienne Leussa | From academia to sales

The story of Dr. Adrienne Leussa | From academia to sales

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Adrienne Leussa talks about moving from academia after a PhD and
a Post-doc to Sales. She supports scientists and technicians
using Biotechnology like PCR, NGS, CRISPR/Cas, other Gene editing
and molecular biology techniques in Africa.
Adrienne Leussa's Linkedin:

This is Science Media Africa and Planet Wizard Africa production
where Adrienne Leussa talks about his journey in science.
The whole idea of this project (The scientist's path) is:
Give the general audience insight into what it takes to be a
scientist, the Type of scientists, and their work.
To give a younger scientist a guide into a science career by
learning from others in addition to knowing the diversity of
careers paths one can follow after school.
To give scientists a platform to reach a wider audience with
their work and hopefully increase their chances of getting
collaborations on the type of work they do.

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